The blood urea nitrogen or BUN test is primarily used, along with the creatinine test, to evaluate kidney function in a wide range of circumstances, to help diagnose kidney disease, and to monitor people with acute or chronic kidney dysfunction or failure. It also may be used to evaluate a person's general health status when ordered as part of a renal panel, basic health package or complete health package. Urea is the end product of protein metabolism. It reflects on the functioning of kidney in the body. Urea is a waste product formed in the liver when protein is metabolized. Urea is released by the liver into the blood and is carried to the kidneys, where it is filtered out of the blood and released into the urine. Since this is an ongoing process, there is usually a small but stable amount of urea nitrogen in the blood. However, when the kidneys cannot filter wastes out of the blood due to disease or damage, then the level of urea in the blood will rise.

Test Code MolQ1491
Turn Around Time Same day
Pre Test Information No special preparation required
Sample Serum (1ml)/ Urine (5ml)
Actual Price
Rs. 160
Rs. 16
Rs. 144