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Fatigue can be defined as a feeling of overall tiredness or a lack of energy, wherein the individual may not feel capable of doing daily activities. Some people might confuse fatigue with a feeling of being sleepy; however, they are not the same. Feeling drowsy may be a symptom of fatigue, but it is a different thing. Fatigue occurs in many medical conditions and can range from mild to severe, it can also happen due to lifestyle factors like poor nutritional choices, lack of exercise, etc. Since fatigue can occur due to so many reasons, it is advisable to get a Fatigue Test to determine and clearly diagnose your condition. It is an extremely simple process to book a Fatigue Test in Gurgaon and get the screening done without any hassles. A Low Energy Test or Fatigue Test can help in diagnosing if your fatigue is caused due to an underlying medical condition, a deficiency or, something else, and help you take the necessary steps in improving it so that you can lead a healthier and happier life. A Fatigue Test in Gurgaon can include a battery of tests depending upon any other symptoms, medical condition, lifestyle, etc which the doctor will assess. A Fatigue Test is not one specific test to diagnose fatigue, but can encompass many blood or urine tests to diagnose the cause. The Fatigue Test sample is taken by the phlebotomist and sent to the lab to perform the specific test.

MolQ Fatigue Panel

Includes: 65 Parameters

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