MolQ Heart Fitness Package


This package is specially designed to rule out the Cardiovascular diseases which is the most prevalent serious disorder in industrialised and developing nations. It is responsible for nearly 25% of all deaths per year. An elevated concentration of Homocysteine is an independent risk marker for cardiovascular disease and apart from that a group of blood tests assess the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) and to monitor treatment. This panel includes - CBC, ESR, PS, TLC, DLC, Platelet Count, Mean Platelet Volume, PCT, Blood Sugar Fasting, HbA1c, Lipid Profile, Homocysteine level, hsCRP

Test Code MolQP1051
Turn Around Time Same Day
Pre Test Information Overnight fasting is mandatory. Ship refrigerated
Sample WB-EDTA (3ml), Serum (3ml), Plasma - NaF (1ml)
Actual Price
Rs. 1800
Rs. 180
Rs. 1620