Taeniasis Diagnosis


Lack of proper sanitary conditions and poor hygiene are the reasons why the number of people getting are infected with intestinal infections and many other problems. Giardiasis, cryptosporidium are some of the diseases with which people are getting affected in large number. Taeniasis is another intestinal infection caused by adult tapeworms. By ingesting contaminated food or water, humans can take in T. solium eggs and the disease is most commonly found in people, who live in close proximity to pigs.

The next very common cause is defecation in the open, which contaminates the environment with T.solium eggs. This is the because the human beings who defecate in the open, contaminate the environment by releasing the parasitic eggs in the open and become the easy source of spreading infection. It is important to note that ingestion of these parasitic eggs may led to the formation of cysts. There are chances that if the cysts develop in central nervous system, this may lead to neurocysticercosis, which is a form of epilepsy. It is important to note that 80% of people living in lower and middle income countries become the easy victims of epilepsy.

Any disease if left untreated may become complicated and same is the case with taeniasis. MolQ offers taeniasis diagnosis and the other pathology tests at easy prices and all the tests that come under this category. Our aim is to serve our patients well and we put all possible efforts to make sure that we take proper care of our patients. Our well equipped pathology lab and offer diagnostic services, has about 1,000 test offerings and 100,000 satisfied customers. Without a shadow of doubt you must choose MolQ for your complete health care.


It is a matter of lack of proper sanitary conditions which is the main reason why a number of diseases like cryptosporidium, giardiasis, and taeniasis are emerging and getting transmitted to people in large number, especially the ones living in close proximity to the pigs.

  1. It is an intestinal tapeworm infection caused due to eating uncooked and uncontaminated food.
  2. Drinking contaminated water is also the reason that gives the parasites a chance to make you a host, grow and reproduce in your body.
  3. This is because contaminated food contains tapeworm eggs, that gets you body as hosts for getting fully developed in the larvae and they reproduce further. These parasitic eggs pass in the stool and spread the infection further.
  4. Entirely cooked beef or pork destroys the larvae and prevent the further transmission of infection.
  5. Lack of adequate sanitary conditions is the reason why taeniasis has become a major problem in most of the countries.

Apart from offering various pathology tests and diagnostic services for various water diseases, including ascariasis diagnosis, amoebiasis diagnosis, Cryptosporidiosis Diagnosis, Giardiasis diagnosis and diagnosis of Echinococcosis, we provide taeniasis diagnosis also at affordable costs. We are ISO certified (9001:2008) and NABL accredited and we are well equipped pathology lab and offer quality assured diagnostic services at easy prices. We take into consideration every minute detail while going through diagnosis because your health is of utmost priority to us.


When the tapeworm parasitic eggs enter the body, they may take around 8 to 14 weeks to develop. The people who are infected with taeniasis will begin to see worm segments or eggs in their stool. Some of the commonly observed symptoms of taeniasis include:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Blockages in Intestine
  3. Abdominal Pain
  4. Problems with Digestion
  5. Irritation in the Perianal Area
  6. Feeling of Irritation while Defecation

If you begin to experience these symptoms, it is important to go for taeniasis diagnosis from a well esteemed lab. MolQ offers diagnosis for taeniasis and all the tests that come under these diagnosis, at the competitive prices that best fits into the pockets of our patients.

Source of Infection
  1. Drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food are the two main easy sources of infection.
  2. This is because, untreated water contains parasitic eggs that develops into larvae on entering the hosts and causes the infection.
  3. Secondly, people who live in close proximity to the pigs, are vulnerable to catch the infection easily.
  4. Eating uncovered food, unwashed fruits and vegetables are the prominent reasons how and why the infection spreads.
  5. The places where feces are used as fertilisers for cultivation, increases the chances of taeniasis as if the fertilisers are untreated, this can cause the infection of taeniasis.

It is important to take care of the sanitary conditions in the surroundings, and take preventive measures in case of drinking quality water and covered food so that you remain at a distance from water diseases.


Prevention is better than cure is the motto we all must rely upon, for a healthy and a happy living. Here are some of the preventive measures that must be taken into consideration and they are:

  1. Meat must be cooked above 140 F as if the meat or pork is not cooked properly, this may lead to the tapeworm infection.
  2. One must not defecate in the open. Inability of the authorities to construct adequate number of public washrooms, forces people to defecate in the open.
  3. This is the reason why infection spreads in the areas with lack of proper sanitary conditions.
  4. Washing hands properly especially after coming from the washroom is a necessity and one of the most important preventive measures to be taken.
  5. Spreading awareness about cleanliness by organizing educational campaigns can help a lot to teach the young generation about health and hygiene.
  6. In case you experience some symptoms, you must go for taeniasis diagnosis early to avoid the aggravation of symptoms.
Tests to Be Ordered

MolQ offers a wide variety of tests that comes under taeniasis diagnosis, at affordable prices. Our patients have faith in us because our aim is to provide them quality assured services at prices that lies within their budget. Some of the tests that come under taeniasis diagnosis include:

  1. Stool routine and microscopy
  2. Stool Culture
  3. Stool Guiac test (FOBT)
  4. Special Stains – Ziehl–Neelsen stain
  5. ELISA – Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay also detects antigens
  6. PCR – Detection of ribosomal 5.8S gene
  7. Liver Function Test (LFT)
  8. Kidney Function Test KFT
  9. Electrolytes
  10. CBC
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MolQ laboratory is ISO certified (9001:2008) and NABL accredited.

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  4. Our automated results are again checked manually to arrive at the precision of results.
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