Diagnostic Services

What we do ?

MolQ is an ISO (9001:2008) certified pathology lab and with our experience and efforts, we are recognised as a trusted brand name among our clients. Our aim is to satisfy our customers by providing them quality services, with a faster and efficient delivery of test reports and that too, at minimal costs. We offer blood test services, specialised diagnostic services, routine diagnostic services and high end pathological tests services to our customers. We have appointed highly experienced and skilled team of doctors, pathologists and phlebotomists, who are experts in their respective domains and taking proper care of their patients health and making correct diagnosis of the samples, are their primary responsibilities.

To enhance the services we provide, we also offer free home collection services which makes the task easy for our customers. For us, taking care of our patients health is our priority and it is an assurance that you are in the safe hands. Moreover, to make things simple, we also provide consultancy services to our clients and clear all their queries because we believe that your health is our wealth.

Our highly experienced team of phlebotomists take the blood samples in a hygienic manner and we examine the little details to do the correct diagnosis of the blood test.

Pathology Tests

We are highly experienced in providing a set of various diagnostic services and we offer world class pathology tests to ensure better well being of all our customers. Going by definition, pathology is the study of overall body response to any foreign influence. Ranging from routine screening to highly esoteric molecular and genetic assays, we offer a comprehensive suite of tests so that your ailment can be diagnosed early and rapidly treated.

In order to perform the pathology tests, we compare the normal body structure to abnormal one and take care of the minutest details, to ensure precision of results.

Health Packages

It is your health that is of utmost importance to us and we carry out all necessary efforts to make sure that there is no compromise made with your well being. Talking about our health packages, we offer a comprehensive range of pathology tests and diagnostic services at minimal costs, for the people of all age groups.

  1. Individual Offers – We offer affordable health packages to individual units, ensuring their wellness and the well being of their family members.
  2. Corporate Check Ups – For more than 4 years now, that we have been organizing health check up camps for corporate sector. This is to ensure that companies, enterprises and organizations do not suffer any loss of productivity and they are able to maintain a healthy and happy environment at their workplace.

    For instance, we organise haemoglobin blood test camps which is also a part of corporate checkups that we perform this at regular intervals of time, to keep the health of our patients in check.

  3. Consultation Services – We do not step back from providing consultation services to our patients so that they remain devoid of any type of queries linked to the diagnosis. We have senior consultants and other renowned specialists, at our various wellness centers, whom our patients can consult.
Corporate Health Checkups

We believe that health comes before work and regular health checkups at the workplace would help to maintain a healthy and carefree environment. This is ultimately good for enhancing the productivity at your workplace and the employees would be able to give more to come up with the better results.

A study has revealed the fact that every year, corporate sectors suffer significant monetary losses due to their employees disability, absenteeism or sickness. This calls for the need of conducting regular corporate checkups.

MolQ laboratories have appointed an excellent team of doctors, pathologists and phlebotomists who are highly experienced in dealing with patients and to provide adequate blood test and diagnostic services to our patients, in an appropriate and sanitary way.

Every year, we organize camps for corporate health checkups, covering many companies and corporates. Our motto for attaining success is, you take care of your job, and we will take care of your health.

View Test Reports

Apart from providing free home collection services, MolQ ensures complete satisfaction of our clients by enabling them to view their test reports online. By using our user friendly online portal to log-in, they can view their diagnostic test reports and see their historical data as well, within just few instant clicks.

Quality Assurance

We work not merely, as professionals but take our services to a personal level to make sure that we take care of our patients properly. Be it blood test or any other diagnostic services, we envisage the minutest details to ensure correct diagnosis of the ailment and deliver results in the least time possible so that there is no delay in beginning the treatment. Under the proper guidance of world renowned experts and researches, we carry out the diagnosis. Therefore, you must remain assured about the quality of services we provide and the accuracy and precision of diagnosis.

Moreover, our free home collection services of the specimens have made the task easier for our patients and they can simply view their test results on email. Moreover, we have fully comprehensive NABL certified lab situated in Gurgaon and is in collaboration with USA based molecular diagnostics. Therefore, you must remain doubtless of the quality of services and precision of results we provide, because we work in collaboration with the world renowned experts and researchers.

Choosing MolQ laboratories would guarantee that your health is in perfectly safe hands. Your task is to choose us and the rest, we will handle.