Vanillyl Mandelic Acid (VMA), 24 hr


Vanillyl Mandelic Acid, VMA, 24 hr

Test Code MolQ1500
Turn Around Time 3 Days
Pre Test Information Aliquot of 24 hour urine. Collect urine with appropriate volume of 50% HCl to maintain pH between 1-3. Do not use concentrated HCl. Record 24 hour volume on test request form and urine container. Ship refrigerated or frozen. Patient should strictly avoid Theophylline, chocolate, vanilla, banana, alcoholic beverages, tea/coffee, tobacco and strenuous exercise at least 72 hrs before and during specimen collection.
Sample Urine, 24 hr Urine Volume/Urine (25ml) Random
Actual Price
Rs. 3200
Rs. 320
Rs. 2880