Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)


The test is done to assess for the diagnosis of pituitary disorders, it is also done to find the hormonal imbalance which can cause menstrual irregularities. It also evaluates patients with suspected hypogonadism, predicts ovulation, evaluates infertility and FSH test is done as a routine work-up for infertility or menstrual problems and to asses ovarian function in young women, to asses menopausal status of the middle aged women, to asses the function of the master endocrine gland (Pitutary Gland in the brain).

Test Code MolQ1244
Turn Around Time Same Day
Pre Test Information Ship refrigerated or frozen. Specify age, sex and day of menstrual cycle on test request form.
Sample Serum (1ml)
Actual Price
Rs. 400
Rs. 40
Rs. 360