Fertility Panel, Male


Hormone analysis is performed to establish male infertility if multiple semen examinations demonstrate azoospermia / oligospermia. This assay helps in determining male fertility status. Male infertility can be due to decrease in the number of viable sperms, abnormal sperm morphology and abnormalities of the seminal fluid or infection in spermsFertility panel male is done as a routine work-up to assess the hormonal imbalance and quality of semen through various blood test and semen analysis. The best part of this panel is that we included semen culture as well to check the infection in semen or sperms.LH, FSH, Prolactin, Testosterone, Semen analysis & Culture sensitivity

Test Code MolQP1019
Turn Around Time 2-3 Days
Pre Test Information Ship refrigerated or frozen. Specify age, sex and day of menstrual cycle on test request form.
Sample Serum (2ml), Semen (1ml) in sterile Container
Actual Price
Rs. 1650
Rs. 165
Rs. 1485