The blood amylase test is used to help diagnose and monitor acute pancreatitis. It is often ordered along with a lipase test. It may also be used to diagnose and monitor chronic pancreatitis and other disorders that may involve the pancreas.Amylase test is done as a routine work-up to assess the Pancreatic disorder, it is an enzyme, or special protein, produced by your pancreas and salivary glands. The pancreas is an organ located behind the stomach. It creates various enzymes that help break down food in the intestines. The pancreas can sometimes become damaged or inflamed, which causes it to produce too much or too little amylase. An abnormal amount of amylase in the body may be a sign of a pancreatic disorder. An amylase blood can be done to assess the disease of pancreas by measuring the amount of amylase, The levels of amylase are too low or too high in different disorders of pancreas.

Test Code MolQ1048
Turn Around Time Same Day
Pre Test Information No special preparation required
Sample Body Fluid (1ml)/ Serum (1ml)/ Urine (5ml)
Actual Price
Rs. 365
Rs. 36
Rs. 329