Pathology Tests

Pathology Tests
What is Pathology ?

Pathology involves the scientific study of overall body response to any foreign influence or disease. It is envisaged as the cornerstone of the healthcare industry, as it helps in predicting the causes and effects of the diseases, so that the treatment can be rapidly begun, without any delay.

Pathology tests involve examining body sample tissues for both diagnostic and forensic research.

MolQ laboratories has been in the healthcare industry since 2010, and within such a short span of time, we have been able to manage an entice of over 100,000 customers. We have a highly competent team of doctors, pathologists and phlebotomists, well equipped labs, backed by complete and integrated IT support with web based services. We go an extra mile to make sure that we offer excellent pathology services to our patients because taking care of their health is our responsibility and we put all our endeavour to fulfill it.

How Do We Perform Our Tests ?

It has been examined that about 70% of the diagnosis in National Health Services are pathology tests, which proves that it is an important part of the healthcare industry. Pathology tests are performed for early diagnosis of diseases before it catches a person.
Whenever, a blood or tissue sample is given, it is examined in the pathology department to check for abnormalities.

At MolQ, our skilled team of pathologists take note of the little details so as to arrive at the precision of results. We believe in automation driven quality for correct diagnosis of diseases, because our patients health is of utmost importance to us and we take all preventive measures to ensure that they remain safe and healthy.

In order to carry out the pathology tests, we compare the normal structure and functioning of the human body to the abnormal structure and carefully analyse what is hampering the normal functioning.

Our well experienced team of phlebotomists, take the blood or tissue samples in a clean and hygienic manner. After that, our competent pathologists do the examination to catch the disease before it catches our patient.

How Do We Ensure Correct Diagnosis ?

Pathology involves the study how a disease progresses in the human body and how it reacts to any foreign influence. MolQ Laboratories work on the notion that our patient health is our wealth. Therefore, we take all preventive measures and carefully analyse the minute details so as to arrive at appropriate results of the diagnosis.

Moreover, we are IT integrated with web based services and our labs are fully equipped with high throughput machines, and we believe in delivering results of automated driven quality. Manual testing may lead to inaccuracy and can cause unnecessary hassles. Therefore, automation testing is not merely a key but a support, carried out under the guidance and supervision of experts.

However, to ensure the accuracy of results and to leave a mark of trust on our customers mindsets, automated results are then checked manually as well.

We believe in adapting ourselves to the latest and advanced technologies that are coming up in the healthcare industry so that we remain ahead of the curve in serving our patients well. To achieve our customers satisfaction is our responsibility, and this is the reason why we believe in offering quality assured services within shorter span of time and at prices that best fit into their pockets.

Why To Choose Us ?

With the rising competition in the market, people may find various laboratories where they can get their pathology tests done. However, the patients must go for the one which must not only take care of them on a professional level but also on a personal front. This is the reason why we consider ourselves to be the best.

Here are some of the reasons why we are the most preferred choice of our customers:

  1. We have been in the healthcare sector for more than 4 years now, and with this we have been able to satisfy about 100,000 patients.
  2. We offer bidirectional automation testing.
  3. We offer quality ensured services at minimal costs.
  4. We are backed up competent IT support and continuously store a complete backup of our customers data.
  5. We take care of our patients at the personal level, not merely in a professional way.
  6. We believe in developing long term ties with our patients, therefore, providing them assured services is not just our duty but a crucial part of our responsibility.

Choose MolQ with an assurance that your well being is our primary concern!