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MolQ is an NABL accredited Pathology Lab and a brand of Molecular Quest Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., which is a USA based diagnostic company and provides all sorts of diagnostic tests to the clients. Health of our customers is our priority and we make sure that they remain content with the quality of services we provide. We have two types of solutions to offer for our partners


  • Become a franchise
  • Become a collection center


At present, MolQ has more than 10 Lakhs of happy customers and the numbers are escalating, who are entirely satisfied with the type of services we provide. Working with us would bring a bucket of benefits for you and this is what we guarantee!

Benefits of being a MolQ Partner

Making our establishment in India in November 2012, we are a USA based, India’s leading diagnostic company which has been accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for testing and Calibration Laboratory). In Gurgaon, we have our national reference laboratory, within few kilometers from the airport, which ensures that the services will be delivered rapidly, without any delay. Moreover, in order to make sure that we provide real time services to our clients, MolQ offers adequately updated Lab Information System (LIS) to our franchise and collection centers. It is a matter of contentment that with our efforts, we have been able to win the hearts of more than 10 lakhs customers within a time lapse of merely 3 years. This is because, we see our achievements in the satisfaction of our clients.

Our global advertising efforts cover both our franchise and collection centers for them to gain further business. Our technology platform is most advanced in comparison to our competition which helps us create a bond and loyalty with our customers.

Difference between a franchise and collection center

We lend a helping hand and provide full support to our partners so that they can lead towards growth and development. As discussed before, we offer two types of solutions to our partners either a franchise or a collection center. Keeping in consideration, the user’s requisites, these two solutions are offered. Opening up a franchise or a collection center, both of them have almost similar models, except for the billing process.

In case of former, all the transactions will take place under the brand name of MolQ which implies, that MolQ laboratory would be responsible for all sorts of billing processes and transactions. While on the other hand, in case of collection center, the person who has been authorised with the center will take care of the billing and transactions. In the latter, all types of billing processes will take place under the name of his company.

In both the cases, our partners are permitted to make use of the brand name of MolQ so that they do not encounter any problems towards their success. Not only this,we also lend our full support in Marketing association, CAMP and other promotional activities.