Giardia Diagnosis


Improper sanitary conditions and inability to maintain hygiene in the surroundings are some of the factors responsible for causing this parasitic disease called giardiasis. It causes infection in the small intestine, caused by taking contaminated food and water. This is the reason why it is not only important to maintain personal hygiene but also sanitary conditions in the surroundings, in order to avoid the spread of this disease. Even if, someone experiences its symptoms, it is must to go for giardia diagnosis.

Generally, people living in countries with overcrowded population and poor sanitary conditions are vulnerable to catching this infection. It is a major diarrheal disease and according to the studies by CDC (Centers for Disease Control), people infected with Giardiasis is found all over the world, because continuous growth in population is degrading the water quality. MolQ believes in taking care of its patients health and hence, we also provide preventive healthcare measures to its patients. Apart from providing Cryptosporidiosis diagnosis, Ascariasis Diagnosis at affordable prices, we also offer quality assured giardia diagnosis services.

We are a well esteemed pathology lab and diagnostic center, which aims to take proper care of its patients. We offer a number of pathology test services and giardia diagnosis is one of them. We have been in the healthcare industry for more than 5 years now and within this span of time, we have managed to make an entice of over 100,000 customers. Therefore, you must remain assured about the quality of diagnostic services we offer because we believe that your health is our wealth.


Food and water contamination are the two main reasons for the spread of giardiasis. This parasite is present in large number in the feces of the infected human or animal. If one accidentally swallows this parasite picked up from the surface of feces, it may lead to infection. Go for giardia diagnosis from a reputed pathology lab to prevent the aggravation of symptoms. Some of the most common causes for the spread of this disease.

  1. Drinking untreated water from lakes, streams, ponds and wells that contains Giardia.
  2. Coming in contact with the person who is already suffering from this disease.
  3. Eating uncooked and unhygienic food increases the chances of catching giardiasis.
  4. People who travel to countries where giardiasis is common, are prone to get trapped.
  5. Giardiasis is live in pool water, ponds, streams, lakes and springs. Accidentally swallowing water while swimming, from these resources, is also responsible for this disease.
  6. Parasite Giardia is present in the feces of the infected person or the animal and anything that comes in contact with infected feces, is responsible for spreading the infection.
  7. This is the reason why it is important to go for diagnosis of giardiasis, to prevent it from becoming chronic.

Here are some of the symptoms of giardiasis and if you experience them, you must consult a doctor or go for giardia diagnosis from a reputed pathology lab. The symptoms include :

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Gas or flatulence
  3. Greasy stool that can float
  4. Stomach or abdominal cramps
  5. Upset stomach or nausea
  6. Dehydration

People also experience weight loss, in some cases due to the severity of these symptoms, while on the other hand, some people with a stronger immunity may not experience any symptoms at all.

Source of Infection

Inability of the individual and the authorities to maintain sanitary conditions in the surroundings is responsible for the spread of infection. Giardiasis has been found most common in the overcrowded countries and places where there is lack of sanitary conditions. Moreover, there are some most common mistakes that we commit everyday such as :

  1. Not washing hands clearly after changing baby’s diaper.
  2. Drinking untreated water from lakes, streams, ponds etc.
  3. Eating unhygienic street food particularly that is uncovered.
  4. Not washing hands properly after coming from washroom.
  5. Swimming in the public pools and accidentally swallowing its water is also one of the major causes of infection.

And there are a lot more mistakes that people commit related to health and hygiene. It is only by following adequate cleanliness measures that one would be able to avoid the spread of infection. However, in case of people with low immunity levels, there are chances that giardiasis may become chronic.

This is the reason why if you experience the above mentioned symptoms, you must go for giardia diagnosis or diagnosis of giardiasis from a well experienced pathology lab and MolQ is here to serve you well.


We all must have heard about that prevention is better than cure and it is equally important to apply this in real life as well, for a healthy lifestyle. It is not just a responsibility of the authorities but also on the individual level to maintain sanitation on the personal level as well as in the surroundings. Moreover, even if one catches the disease, you must get giardia diagnosis/ diagnosis of giardiasis from a well esteemed pathology lab to further prevent the aggravation of symptoms.

  1. Must wash your hands properly after coming from washroom or after changing the baby’s diaper.
  2. Must drink quality check water and hygienic and covered food.
  3. Avoid street food especially during monsoons as flies can be the primary carriers of giardiasis.
  4. Avoid coming in contact with the person already suffering from this disease.

These are some of the preventive healthcare measures that you must practice in day today life to avoid getting trapped in this disease, or else get diagnosis of giardiasis/ giardia diagnosis, if you begin to experience its symptoms.

Test to be Ordered

Here is a list of tests that goes under giardia diagnosis/ diagnosis of giardiasis and MolQ offers these tests at affordable costs. We have been in the healthcare industry for 5 years now, and has about 1,000 test offerings with 100,000 satisfied customers.

  1. Stool routine and microscopy
  2. Stool Culture
  3. Stool Guiac test (FOBT)
  4. Special Stains – trichrome stain
  5. ELISA – Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay also detects antigens
  6. Liver Function Test (LFT)
  7. Kidney Function Test KFT
  8. Electrolytes
  9. CBC

If you experience some of the symptoms, you can go for giardia diagnosis from MolQ because our experienced team of doctors take care of the minutest details while doing the diagnosis. This is because it is our aim to satisfy our customers and we put all our efforts to achieve it.

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