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Wellness and Corporate Health Checkup Services

We recognize that health and wellbeing is threatened not only by illness but also by workplace stress, insecurities, and general dissatisfaction with self or others. A 2005 study in the USA indicates that companies lost USD 9 Billion (Rs. 40,317 Crore) in 2005, to unwell employees. They also lost 14% of their annual working days i.e., more than 51 working days in a year due to illness in their work force.( WHO Estimates, Times of India, September 13, 2007 ). Therefore, availing the benefits of  corporate health checkup services is becoming important these days.

Significantly, a report reveals that 2% of a corporation’s capital spent on the workforce is lost due to disability, absenteeism and under par performance. (Working Towards Wellness – an Indian perspective, Price waterhouse coopers). Corporate leaders need to be made to recognize that wellness programs are investments in the company. And made to realize the importance of investing in a healthy workforce.

Preventive Health Care & Its Benefits to the Companies

Preventive & regular health checks have been at the top measures offered by various companies. These days, because of the changing lifestyle, it has become important to adopt preventive healthcare measures and to go for regular health checkups. Following them is the lifestyle related advise. In a study 98 per cent of respondent employees who have undergone preventive health check-ups felt that these were beneficial in terms of a better quality of life and performance at work. 10% reduction in loss of working days has also been observed, which directly improves productivity of company in itself.

There is a positive correlation between preventive health care and profits. This suggests that there may be a positive impact of preventive health care on the Indian industry.
There is a negative correlation between profits and absenteeism and profits and mandays lost. The study has estimated that a 2 per cent reduction in chronic disease death rates annually between 2005 and 2015 will result in an accumulated income gain of US $15 billion in India. The low-income groups are usually affected by infectious diseases. The high-income groups are affected by chronic diseases owing to a sedentary lifestyle.

Employee Wellness Programs: Top 7 Reasons:
  • Just as equipment and facilities, require preventive maintenance, so do the most valuable asset, THE PEOPLE- OUR EMPLOYEES..
  • Lower health care costs and other hidden costs of unwell employees
  • Reduce absenteeism & employee turnover approximately by 30%, thus lowering the cost of hiring and training new personnel. Source : Survey by The Art of Health Promotion 2005
  • Maintain and improve productivity & work performance
  • Boost the work place morale leading to upbeat and energetic employees
  • Enhance company brand value, attracting the best talent in the industry. Promote company loyalty and retention of skilled staff
  • In an effort to combat growing employee ill-health and its consequences, corporations worldwide have instituted wellness programs with very positive results.
Pre Employment Health Checkup

We all have grown up with a common notion, resounding in our ears, “health is wealth”. For any organization, the health and fitness of its employees is an indispensable part for employment  which must not be ignored. We understand that in order to enhance the productivity of any organization, the fitness of its employees must be taken into deep consideration. For the same purpose only, we take a step to provide health checkup packages for all sorts of organizations and enterprises. Under a single roof, we provide you with all the checkups at reasonable prices and assure you to provide standardised and quality reports because our customers are of the greatest importance to us.

Pre Insurance Health Checkup

Not only do we deal with pre employment health check up but also but also we also do not step back from pre insurance health check up. With an ever increasing expansion of insurance market, molq offers an ideal podium to conduct pre insurance health checkup. We are well equipped to offer radiology, pathology and cardiology investigations. Therefore, the insurance companies must remain assured and certain about the quality of services we provide. Apart from this, keeping into consideration the convenience of our clients and the patients, we also provide home facility to collect samples and to perform checkups.   

Annual Health Checkup

Taking care of your health is our responsibility and to make sure that you remain at a distance from the serious maladies, we also step forward in providing health checkups. This world which has, nowadays, become a hub of endless diseases, we keep our patients in assurance that they remain healthy, fit and fine. This also keeps away the fear of getting trapped by any malady, to detect it and find a possible solution to cure it before it becomes serious. Our experienced team of professionals organize annual health check up, because we want to see you smiling forever.

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