Thyroid Test

Thyroid Test

It is a shocking reality that the number of cases of thyroid patients is increasing alarmingly. The doctors have revealed that newborn and infants are mostly vulnerable to suffer from this disease. Thyroid hormone helps in regulating stress levels, body’s metabolism and is responsible for producing energy in the body. Hypothyroidism is a condition when body does not produce enough of triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) hormones, which are two major hormones, in this case, the body experiences lack of energy, weight gain and depression. This calls for a need to go thyroid tests before the symptoms aggravate and give birth to other problems.

In another case, when the thyroid gland is hyperactive, it produces these hormones in excessive amount, leading to other complications such as higher levels of anxiety, weight loss, tremors etc. This condition is called hyperthyroidism. In 2004, a study has revealed that increased stress levels due to lifestyle changes is also responsible for thyroid autoimmunity. It is a common observation these days that people are becoming the victims of anxiety, stress, pain and this is one of the primary reasons responsible for aggravating hypothyroidism and infact stress can be one of the symptoms of this health issue.

MolQ has been in the healthcare industry for the past 5 years and within such a short span of time and is fully IT integrated pathology lab and diagnostic center. We have managed an entice of over 100,000 satisfied customers. We offer thyroid function tests including T3RU, T4 and TSH at affordable prices. Thyroid blood test is done to perform thyroid test. We have well experienced and skilled team of phlebotomists who take the blood samples in a hygienic manner and take responsibility of our patients’ well being.These are done to determine the functionality of thyroid gland and to keep a check on the hormone levels it is producing.


A person develops this medical condition when the thyroid gland does not function properly and produce hormones in the adequate amount. There are several reasons of developing this disease.

  1. Medication is one of the reason that can cause hyperthyroidism. For example, lithium, amiodarone are some of the medicines that disrupts the normal production of thyroid hormone. However, supervision and prescription of doctors is necessary while taking anti-thyroid drugs because if they are taken in high dosage, this can lead to hypothyroidism.
  2. Hashimotos Disease

    This is another medical condition in which bodys immune system begins to attack its own cells and organs. It attacks the thyroid gland as well, leading to inflammation and its abnormal functioning.

  3. Congenital Hypothyroidism

    This is a medical condition in case of newborn babies when they are born with these disorders. If it is not treated on time, it can lead to severe complications. In U.S, many children are diagnosed with this medical condition.

  4. Inadequate amount of Iodine in the body

    Iodine is responsible for thyroid hormone production. Inadequate amount of Iodine present in the body can lead to thyroid disorder and goitre.

  5. Thyroiditis

    It is a condition in which thyroid hormone leaks into the blood, raising the thyroid levels.

This implies that it is necessary to go for thyroid testing to catch the ailment before it causes other damage to the health. MolQ offers various thyroid function tests at minimal costs and we also provide free home health checkups and deliver the test results online, to avoid any sort of inconvenience to the patients.

How To Treat Thyroid?

Not only through medication, but there are other natural ways as well to treat this medical functioning so that thyroid gland functions properly and produce adequate amount of hormones that the body needs.

  1. Nutritious Diet plays a vital role

    This gland functions well when it gets iodine, selenium and other vitamins in appropriate amount in the body. A healthy diet ensures that your health is at distance from the hold of various diseases and one of them is thyroid.

You need to play an important role to help spread this awareness among your family members, friends and relatives that one will stay healthy if one eats healthy.

  1. Increase the quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This would not only add nutrition to your diet but also will keep you healthy. Try to avoid taking non-vegetarian diet as this can contribute to thyroid problem.
  2. Increase the quantity of vegetables and beans in your diet as these are the rich sources of proteins and vitamins. This implies that there would be easy production of thyroid hormone and lesser chances of suffering from this disorder.
  3. Thyroid need iodine so that it can function properly. People who are the patients of high blood pressure minimize the amount of salt in their diet, which can lead to this problem. Therefore, it is necessary that you must go for alternative sources of iodine like sea vegetables, sea food, yogurt milk and eggs.
What are Its Symptoms

The symptoms of hypothyroidism may take several years to develop and they could be considered very common such as fatigue and weight gain. But it begins to aggravate when metabolism weakens. Some of the noticeable symptoms include :

  1. Constipation
  2. Joint or muscles pain
  3. Pale and dry skin
  4. Feeling negative around oneself
  5. Thinning hair
  6. Puffy face
  7. Hoarse voice
  8. Feeling cold when others are feeling fine
  9. Slow heart rate
  10. Getting tired very easily
  11. Less than usual sweating

If you experience these symptoms, it is important to get the thyroid test done. MolQ has about 100,000 satisfied customers and we provide thyroid function tests at affordable cost so that there can be no compromise done with our patients health. Our lab is entirely equipped with high throughput machines. Thus, you must remain assured about the quality of services we provide.

Thyroid Test

MolQ is a well equipped pathology lab and diagnostic center that offers various thyroid tests at the prices that best fit into our clients pockets. We offer:

  1. T3 by CLIA
  2. T4 by CLIA
  3. TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) 0.4 to 4.0mU/L (milliunits per litre)
  4. FT3 (3.5 to 7.8) pmol/L (picomoles per litre)
  5. FT4 (9.0 to 25.0) pmol/L (picomoles per litre)

High TSH level with low T4 level indicates hypothyroidism and high TSH with high FT3 and FT4 levels imply hyperthyroidism. It is important to go thyroid testing to determine the functioning of thyroid gland and adequate production of this hormone.

MolQ also offer thyroid test at home and you can see the reports of your diagnosis online.

Why To Choose MolQ

Here are some of the reasons why we are the most preferred choice of our customers:

  1. We have been in the healthcare sector for more than 4 years now, and with this we have been able to satisfy about 100,000 patients.
  2. We offer bidirectional automation testing.
  3. We offer quality ensured services at minimal costs.
  4. We are backed up competent IT support and continuously store a complete backup of our customer’s data.
  5. We take care of our patients at the personal level, not merely in a professional way.
  6. We believe in developing long term ties with our patients, therefore, providing them assured services is not just our duty but a crucial part of our responsibility.