Malaria Test

Increasing Cases of Malaria in India

Beginning with an estimation, about 3.3 billion people in 97 countries are vulnerable to suffer from this disease, which is about half of worlds population. It is a life threatening, infectious disease transmitted to the humans through the bite of infected female anopheles mosquitoes. Particularly, young children and pregnant women are vulnerable to catching this disease. It may become life threatening if proper treatment is not given on time. Therefore, it is important that you must take malaria test/ malaria rapid diagnostic test if you begin to experience its symptoms.

In United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that about 1500 cases of malaria are reported every year. And, in India, the conditions are still worse for these vector borne diseases as it has been surveyed that 95% of people are living in malaria endemic areas.
“Prevention is better than cure” is not merely a phrase to read in text but there is a necessity to apply it in practical life as well.

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Causes Of Malaria

Malaria is caused by the bites of female anopheles mosquito, when it injects the parasites plasmodium into the body of a person.

Once, the mosquito bites a person, the parasite enters the bloodstream and reaches the liver where it reproduces and multiplies, before it targets red blood cells and destroy them.
If it is diagnosed early, it can be easily controlled, yet, no vaccination has been discovered for prevention of disease.

It lays dormant in the liver for some time and begins to show symptoms after about 5 to 15 days. However, malaria can also recur in some cases, when the parasites are not released from the liver. This aggravates the situation as the person gets trapped in the vicious cycle. This is because, if an uninfected mosquito bites that person, it may become infected.

Moreover, use of infected needles and blood transfusions may also result in the disease but there are no chances of its spread directly from person to person.

However, good news is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed that by 2030, it will reduce the malaria cases by 90% and prevent maximum number of deaths.

Early diagnosis will not uproot the problem but at the least, it would put a control over it. MolQ laboratories help our patients to overcome this, as we do malaria test at affordable costs.


Malaria may take 10-15 days to show its symptoms because the parasite stay dormant in the host’s liver before it destroys the red blood cells. The primary symptoms are mild enough that may not confirm about malaria. These include:

  1. High Fever
  2. Abdominal Pain
  3. Vomitings
  4. Headache
  5. Dizziness, Chills

These symptoms are very common as other diseases but if not treated within 24 hours, it may become life threatening. Therefore, it is important to get the pathology tests done as soon as you encounter these symptoms. And here we come to serve our purpose. MolQ labs provide malaria rapid diagnostic test at minimal cost and our team of highly medical professionals also offer consultation services.

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Necessary Typhoid and Malaria Tests

At first your doctor will perform complete physical examination which will be followed by different tests for typhoid diagnosis. Some of the common medical tests for typhoid include the following:

  1. CBC: In an infected person this test shows the total blood count and generally the person will have increased WBC (white blood cell) count.
  2. Blood Culture: This is one of the pathology tests where a blood culture is performed in the initial stage (1st week) to figure out presence of S. typhi bacteria.
  3. ELISA: It is a urine test which can trace the presence of bacteria in the urine.
  4. Stool Culture: This type of culture can also be performed for determining presence of infection in the feces.
  5. Platelet Count: In case the test shows low platelet count then it would mean the person is suffering from the disease.
  6. Widal Test: This is an serological test which is used for detection of the bacteria.
Aggravation of Disease

If not taken proper care of, malaria can aggravate and can turn into a life threatening disease. Therefore, it is essential to go for rapid diagnostic test in case a person suffers from symptoms that match malaria.

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Malaria can cause some severe problems such as:

  1. Liver enlargement
  2. Severe headaches and spontaneous bleeding.
  3. Retinal whitening happens in case of cerebral malaria.
  4. Respiratory problems arise in case of P. falciparum malaria.
How Malaria Can Be Treated

We follow the notion, “Prevention is better than cure”. By maintaining a clean and healthy environment around oneself, one can stop mosquito breeding. And if a person is diagnosed with the disease, there is an immediate need to begin the treatment with anti-malarial medication.

In case, if a person is suffering from falciparum bacteria, which is a severe form of disease, she/he must be given Artesunate (AS) and Sulphadoxine-Pyrimethamine should be taken together, which kill malarial organisms in the blood.

Another tablet that is Primaquine must also be given (excluding children and pregnant women), to prevent the spread of disease to others.

In case of vivax bacteria, Chloroquine is considered effective along with Primaquine. Necessary medication does not let the disease to aggravate and worsen the health condition.

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