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Lifestyle and environmental changes are the two major factors responsible for most of the diseases today. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders etc and the list of diseases that a common man is suffering from, is endless. Wrong eating habits, mental stress, lack of physical exercises etc are some of the prior reasons why human beings are getting vulnerable to get afflicted with major health issues. In the race to earn the daily bread, we tend to forget our health should be our priority. Without a shadow of doubt, we can say that technology has eased our lives to a larger extent and has reduced manual human effort. This is the reason why it is important to go for heart disease diagnosis from time to time, from a recognized lab.

But, if we put ourselves entirely dependent on technology, we are inviting a number of health problems for us. Hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol levels are the traps in which most middle aged people and now the youngsters as well, are falling into. We at MolQ offer heart disease tests/ heart disease diagnosis, at minimal costs so that our patients can quickly begin with the treatment before it turns to be life threatening.

The question is what is a disease? It is an abnormal condition that interferes with the normal functioning of the body parts. As a person encounters a disease, her/his body begins to show some signs and symptoms. that must be considered before it aggravates and worsens the health conditions. Moreover, it is equally important to take note that you must go for a health check up or diagnosis from a well reputed and well recognized laboratory, if you sense some abnormality in body’s functioning. There must not be any delay because any disease if becomes severe, it not only destroys a person physically but also hampers her/his personality mentally and socially as well.

It has been observed that in most of the cases people suffering from a serious health issue, become the victims of depression and negativity, which makes the matter even worse. MolQ is ISO certified (9001:2008), NABL accredited and CAP accreditation is underway. We are well experienced and well equipped pathology lab and diagnostic center that offers 1,000 tests of various health issues. Our well experienced team of phlebotomists and pathologists offer common diseases test. Our main concern is to take care of our patients well being. That is the reason why offer heart disease diagnosis services at affordable prices by thinking about the pockets of a common man.

Your health is our wealth! So, you must remain carefree about the quality of services we provide.

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Water diseases

Sanitation and maintaining a hygienic and healthy environment around oneself has turned into a major concern these days. Every year, in India, thousands of cases of dengue and malaria come to the forefront and many people, especially children and infants lose their lives, unable to bear the impact of the diseases. Contaminated water in the rivers, open drains and sewages, pitfalls in the streets, water collected in empty containers, tyres etc are the hubs for mosquito breeding.

An estimation has stated the fact that every year, about 1.8 million people die every year, from all over the world due to water borne diseases, be it dengue or malaria.
It is important to keep the environment clean, hygienic and healthy to avoid the spread of mosquito borne diseases and diarrhea.

MolQ has been in the healthcare industry for more than 5 years now and within this lapse of time, we have around 100,000 satisfied customers from all over the world, and have 1,000 test offerings. Our well experienced team of doctors, phlebotomists and pathologists ensure that we provide quality services at minimal prices. For any kind of diagnostic services, dengue test, malaria test etc., you must prefer us as a viable option.

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