Become A Diagnostic Centre Franchise

Eligibility for a Franchise Program


  • Phlebotomist qualification – DMLT or B.Sc. MLT


  • Air-conditioned Room with minimum area of 150 square feet Reception cum waiting area
  • Infrastructure should be on ground flour.
  • Table – Wooden, size 3 x 4 fts Chairs – 3
  • Phlebotomy area – minimum size 25 sq ft with partition for privacy.
  • Secure Area – Cabinet with lock and key
  • Toilet area – minimum 25 sq ft with all the basic amenities.
  • Electricity Back-up – Inverter 1 KVA
  • Internet Connection with minimum 312 MBPS
  • Dedicated Landline or Telephone connection
  • Stationary Area
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Laser jet / Desk jet printer
  • MolQ’s Authorized Collection Center board (As per the company specifications)
  • Display board for announcements/notices/pictures
  • Wall Clock


  • Centrifuge machine – 8 head with timer with speed 3000 rpm to 3500 rpm.
  • Weighing Machine (upto 200 gm), Weighing Machine (upto 120KG)
  • 200 Liters Refrigerator for sample storage (No eatable allowed)
  • Needle Cutter/ Destroyer (electric)
  • Three color dustbins and bags required

    • For Sharp
    • For Non Sharp
    • General Waste
  • First aid box
  • Height Chart
  • Two Lab Coats with MolQ Logo on the front Pocket


  • Vacutainers rack / specimen holding Tray
  • Waste disposal agreement with approved govt. agencies
  • Urine measuring cylinder (As per Picture – 1000 ml)
  • Phlebotomist for sample collection (DMLT must).
  • Display hrs. Of operations (Timings) outside and inside of the premises with telephone number (Preferably mobile number).
  • Water dispenser with disposable glasses
  • Suggestion box
Benefits of being MolQ Franchise

In today’s time, the speed with which MolQ has established its name within a span of merely three years, it is an assurance that running its path lab franchise, would certainly, yield optimum results. MolQ pathology Lab is the fastest growing diagnostic center, which has also been accredited by NABL. On acquiring a MolQ franchise, it is our responsibility to offer complete support in terms of Marketing, CAMP and promotional activities and brand building exercises. Apart from this, we also step forward in every possible manner, to help our diagnostic centre franchise partner to completely setup and appropriately manage the franchise.

Contact us for becoming a Franchise

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