Amoebiasis Diagnosis


Without a shadow of doubt, it is clear that contamination of water has given birth to various diseases and posed a great risk to human health. In the developing countries particularly, people are more prone to catching these diseases because these countries are still lagging behind in providing sanitary and hygienic conditions to its people. After jaundice and typhoid, amoebiasis is another water borne infection caused due to water or food contamination, by Entamoeba Histolytica, affecting the intestines. With the help of stool microscopy, MolQ offers amoebiasis diagnosis / amoebiasis test at affordable costs.

To avoid contract with this disease, it is mandatory at the personal level to maintain clean and hygienic environment and also a responsibility of the authorities, to spread awareness so that they are able to maintain a healthy environment in the rural as well as in the urban areas. This medical condition has been spread worldwide and outbreaks occur, generally after water contamination as parasite is resistant to chlorine. Amoebiasis spreads from person to person either directly or indirectly through faecally contaminated food or water. It is necessary to catch a disease before it catches you, therefore, we provide amoebiasis diagnosis at best prices.

Maintaining healthy and sanitary conditions around oneself can be the best prevention of this disease. MolQ has established a name for itself in the healthcare industry with its years of experience and about more than 1,000 test offerings. It is a matter of interest to note that within a span of 5 years, we have about 100,000 satisfied customers. It is one of the prior reasons why you must remain about the quality of services we provide and precision of results, we give.

What Causes Amoebiasis

Amoebiasis is a parasitic infection in the large intestine caused by single celled micro organisms called amoebas. It is present in the faeces of the infected people and may spread to others if the sanitary conditions of that area are miserable.

You all must be aware of the fact that human faeces are used as most common fertilizers for growing fruits and vegetables. Contaminated water may lead to widespread of this disease. This is the reason why it is necessary to maintain sanitation in the surroundings or take proper preventive measures to avoid getting infected with this disease.

Washing hands properly is one of the important ways by which you can prevent it.

Entamoeba Histolytica lives in the large intestine and can lead to amoebic dysentery, intestinal ulcers, bleeding, increased mucus production and diarrhea. They may also travel to liver and brain and cause infections there.

It is important to take care of the sanitary conditions around oneself to avoid coming in contact with this disease,

MolQ is a well equipped pathology lab with high throughput machines and we perform bidirectional automation testing to ensure accuracy of results. There is no doubt that in the developing countries, water contamination, proper sanitary conditions are still a big deal.

This is the reason why there is a rise in the number of cases of amoebiasis. You can go for amoebiasis diagnosis/ amoebiasis test from MolQ because it is important to go for treatment as soon as possible before the symptoms aggravate your health condition.

What are its Symptoms?

Immunity plays a crucial role in determining the impact that a particular disease may have on the health of a person. In case of amoebiasis, in 90% of the cases, there are mild or simply no symptoms shown. And in other cases, the usual symptoms are:

  1. Mild stomach pain
  2. Stomach Cramping
  3. Loose stools/ bloody stools

The children or the pregnant women are more vulnerable to get infected with this medical condition and there are chances that they begin to show full blown symptoms like:

  1. High fever
  2. Severe abdominal pain
  3. Severe diarrhea which is watery and may contain blood and mucus
  4. Amoebiasis can also cause infection in the liver and fever, nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen, weight loss, swollen liver etc.

If you experience the above mentioned general symptoms, it is important to go for amoebiasis test/ amoebiasis diagnostic test from an esteemed diagnostic center, before the symptoms aggravate, further.

MolQ has an experienced and well qualified team of doctors, phlebotomists and pathologists that offer a wide range of tests for amoebiasis diagnosis. Plus, our team of highly skilled doctors offer consultation services because there is no denying the fact that your health is our wealth.

Source of Infection

Water contamination is a major problem these days, not only in the urban areas but also in the rural areas as well. Alarmingly rising population in India and people turning to cities are some of the reason why maintaining health and hygiene and proper sanitary conditions has become difficult.

These are some of the factors that lead to the outbreak of various water borne diseases and one of them is amoebiasis.

That is why, it is said that maintaining cleanliness around oneself and by taking proper food that is completely hygienic, can lead to the prevention of various diseases.
However, if you experience the abdominal pain, stomach cramping or fever, it is important to consult a doctor immediately and must go for amoebiasis diagnosis.

Amoebiasis tests, if done on time, can easily cure this disease and prevent the worsening of health.

Generally, the doctors advise for amoebiasis diagnostic tests if the parasite has begun to conquer the walls of the intestines or liver so that treatment is given on time before your health becomes miserable.


The doctors prescribe antibiotics if you become infected with Entamoeba histolytica. Generally, just one antibiotic is required if the infection has not made a person sick. This is done so that the person does not begin to show symptoms and prevent the infection in the future.

If the infection aggravates, the doctors prescribe more antibiotics, to treat the situation.

As said, you “must catch a disease before it catches you,” it is important to maintain a clean and healthy environment around oneself so that one could prevent the outbreak of this disease.

Moreover, early amoebiasis diagnosis is also as much important to avoid the aggravation of symptoms.

Catch a Disease Before it Catches You!

Sometimes, we just need to take care of little things so that we can keep ourselves in properly good health. There are some very simple measures that need to be followed for preventing amoebiasis. No vaccinations are available but prevention and maintaining hygienic surroundings are the best vaccines that one must adopt.

  1. You need to wash your hands properly with hot running water after using the washroom or after changing the baby’s diaper.
  2. You need to avoid sharing the towels.
  3. Avoid using public washrooms or if there is an emergency, make sure that it is properly clean.
  4. Avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables as human faeces are used as fertilizers, which can spread the infection.
  5. You must properly wash the fruits and vegetables in salt water which can be an important measure to prevent this disease.
  6. Proper sewage disposal and good sanitary conditions play a vital role in preventing waterborne diseases like jaundice, typhoid, amoebiasis etc.
  7. It should not be on the personal level but also a responsibility of the authorities to keep a check on sanitation, health and hygiene.
Amoebiasis Diagnosis From MolQ

We offer a wide variety of amoebiasis diagnostic tests with the help of stool microscopy and the list includes:

  1. Stool routine and microscopy
  2. Stool Culture
  3. Stool Guiac test (FOBT)
  4. Liver Function Test (LFT)
  5. Kidney Function Test KFT
  6. Electrolytes
  7. CBC

Our highly skilled team of doctors, phlebotomists and pathologists have been serving mankind for many years now, and we have about 1,000 test offerings, including typhoid tests, jaundice tests etc. and that too at the prices that best fit into the pockets of our clients. Our aim is to take care of our patients because aiming for their happiness is our aim!