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MolQ is a NABL accredited and ISO (9001:2008) certified healthcare service provider, which focusses on delivering personalized medical care to its patients. It provides Clinical, Research and diagnostic services in the field of Oncology, Genetics and Infectious Diseases. In addition, MolQ offers various pathology tests and consultancy services as well to our clients, in the healthcare industry.

We take pride in saying that we have over 100, 000 satisfied customers with about 1,000 diagnostic and pathology tests offerings and 10 presence in different cities.

MolQ Laboratory is a national clinical and anatomic reference laboratory, that conducts quality assured pathology tests and an enterprise of Molecular Quest Healthcare (P) Ltd. With a team of more than 100 highly experienced and skilled employees, MolQ offers about more than 1000 tests and test combinations, ranging from routine screening tests to highly esoteric molecular and genetic assays.

With our years of experience, we have been able to win a broad customer footprint, including: nation’s University teaching hospitals, children’s hospitals, regional hospital networks, multihospital groups, major Commercial laboratories, group purchasing organizations, military and government facilities, major Clinics etc.

MolQ has been able to build itself into an esteemed name, in providing reliable and consistent pathology tests and services, a simple strategy that contributes significantly to client’s satisfaction. When MolQ conducts any survey asking for people’s opinions, it has always been rated high by our customers and their positive response shows that they would recommend us to others as well. We take care of the health as well as pockets of a common man, therefore, pathology services that we provide are of minimal costs.

Its comprehensive, clinical and anatomic pathology tests menu covers the domains of allergy and immunology, chemistry, cytogenetics, endocrinology, fetal risk assessment, genetics, hematology, hepatitis and HIV, infectious diseases, neurology, oncology, and pathology. Moreover, we perform majority of all testing on-site, available on all seven days of the week, and processing more than 15,000–20,000 specimens of blood, body fluids, and tissue biopsies per month. We offer a comprehensive suite of services which help our clients to have a positive impact on their local health community.

MolQ’s esoteric tests complement the resources of its clients. For the complete satisfaction of our customers, medical consultation is provided by some of the most highly regarded medical professionals in the industry, and through a disease-management approach (including clinical algorithms), testing monitors disease progression appropriately and therapy after diagnosis.

Pathology services, esoteric testing, medical consultation, and disease management are just some of the ways through which MolQ enables clients to meet today’s challenges. Focussed on building a bright future, MolQ is committed to keeping abreast of new technologies, original research, and innovative ways to improve testing procedures and providing adequate pathology services, within the modern health care environment. Together, MolQ and its clients will take proper care of its patients, today and tomorrow.

Vision, Mission, Core Values

Our Client Commitment Statement

MolQ supports our clients’ success by providing excellence and consistency in our delivery of diagnostic and pathology services, by sharing knowledge, and by developing progressive laboratory technologies. We aim to provide basic health packages to our clients at affordable costs.


MolQ envisages itself to be the most preferred premier healthcare service provider known for its up-to-date technology driven personalized medical care. We take care of the pockets of a common man, therefore, pathology services provided are of minimal costs.


MolQ aims to assist our clinicians to deliver outstanding, comprehensive, contemporary services in the field of healthcare with a strong emphasis in practicing personalized medicine; disease prevention concentrating upon early detection and screening; delivering top quality at affordable molecular diagnosis; and evolution through research and development. We offer quality ensured pathology tests and diagnostic services.

Core Values:

Taking care of our patient’s health is our responsibility and we believe in putting all our efforts to fulfill it
Caring and Service: We create a caring environment for everyone. Our services are personalized and provide up-to-date information so as to help the clients to take well-informed decision based on molecular and genetic information.

Ethics and Integrity: We work together to merit the trust of our colleagues and of those whom we serve.

Discovery: We embrace creativity and seek new knowledge through research.

Our Philosophy


MOLQ is committed to providing the highest quality laboratory services to its clients while maintaining a culture of trust and respect for its employees. MolQ remains adhered to the notion that your health is our wealth. Our lab is equipped with high throughput machines and make sure that we give accurate results of every test. We take care of our patients well being and do not step back from offering them consulting services. We have fully equipped labs, backed by complete IT support.

Our philosophy is to offer best and quality services to our patients and that too at the prices which are compatible to their pockets. We have a well experienced team of phlebotomists, pathologists and doctors who take the blood samples in a hygienic manner and examine the minutest details, to arrive at the appropriate results. We are IT integrated pathology lab that offers adequate diagnostic services to our patients.

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Provide Excellent Patient Care by Supporting Clients
  1. Our patients are our priority.
  2. We support our clients, and all possible manners.
  3. We openly share our experiences and expertise with others, and support, even applaud, their success.
Create a Good Working Environment
Do the Right Thing
Improve Continuously
Act Responsibly